Margaritis Anastasios 
CEO / Founder

  The Scientist Anastasios M. Margaritis, presented at 2012, an innovative idea called "Reprogramming of the Human Body", a series of applied ergonomic seminars tailor made for businesses and companies, in order to prevent and rehab work-related musculoskeletal injuries or burdens. The main purpose of these series is to contribute to the improvement of employers’ health, psychological condition and everyday life.

Additionally, Mr. Margaritis has been an active physiotherapist since 1996. Driven from his knowledge and experience, he seeks to improve the quality of life for every patient. In 2007, he founded the “Active Physiotherapy”, center for physiotherapy and recovery.

He is a graduate of the Physiotherapy Department of Technological Education Institution of Athens (ATEI) and a graduate of The Physical Education and Sport Science University of Athens (TEFAA) with a specialization in Classic Sports.

Furthermore, Anastasios is internationally certified in the evaluation of the operational and corrective exercise under the sponsorship of FMS. He is also an internationally certified inspector in work related health and safety under the sponsorship of Nebosh. Finally, he specializes in spine mechanics under the supervision of university professor and researcher Dr. Stuart McGll.

Since 2013, he is a scientific partner and advisor of Nestle Hellas, Nespresso and Bold Ogilvy, regarding work related health and safety issues.